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Between Rivers:

Images of Vietnamese Culture in Philadelphia

By Paul Brian Osorio and Jayasinhji Jhala, Ph.D.

The research and film work was made possible with support from the Center for Vietnamese Philosophy, Culture, and Society at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA.

Contributions from:

Austin Argentieri, Sophie Quinn-Judge, Ph.D., Kimberly Ann Goyette, Ph.D., Ngô Thanh Nhàn



This film reveals contemporary Vietnamese culture in the city of Philadelphia through glances and artistic expressions. Unlike many conventional documentary films, it does not provide a overriding narrative or linear story, instead, it offers viewers a unique and informative window to Vietnamese food, art, culture, and community in a cinematic style employing both active and passive camerawork, reflective, and creative technique. First engaging in extensive research and ethnography, the filmmakers then set out to document the prevalent features of Vietnamese culture that have been brought to this western city and show how they are thriving not only among Vietnamese immigrants, but also with native Philadelphians. Offering images of culture by engaging in a friendly and candid manner, the film shows that simple interactions can be culturally informative, inspirational, and enlightening.

This film proves very useful for those teaching and/or interested in the Vietnamese diaspora, cross cultural exchange, experimental documentary filmmaking, and Philadelphian society. It also opens up avenues for discussion of Eastern and Western cultural intersections, cultural preservation, and diaspora community development. (46min) @PBO Productions 2011


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